Phrase of the Month

"Oh, I'm scared. But maybe that's what I need to be brave."





When is the game coming out?

I'm doing my best to make the game happen but it's kind of hard to finish the game with all the things going out with my life. The main problem I face is that it's only me doing most of the game desing, level design, story, some general graphics, etc... I also do some music and design my own characters. But nevertheless I got some really good help from people who are experts on what they do. Without their help and special talents this game will not have the form it has right now. The game has no official release day yet but it will probably be out this year.

So who is helping you out?

Main character Artist : Paleigh

Character Artist : Niijiru

Promotional Artist / General Drawings : Jin

Music Composer : Megan Summers (Miss Spider Music)

Who created the story and the characters? / Where the idea came from?

Alina's quest was created as an introduction to a special story that I have in mind since I was a child. The name of the story is "Sea of Adventures" (SoA). I used to imagine this strange stories, cool characters and weird places when I was a child and they grew up with me as I got older. As an older person I got married and got my own business going. The stories were forgotten because I was to busy living life.

After experiencing a bad event  that changed my life and gave it a 180 degree twist I had the opportunity to have lots of time in my hands. So after surfing the web on a boring day I learned about RPG maker VX ACE. I learned how to use it and bought the full version right away. I got my old notebook and started making SoA. After 3 moths of making the game I decided I wanted to make short game first to get more experience making games. I took some of the stories and characters I used to imagine and created an idea for a game. 

Some people hate RPG minigames some people love them. But for me, making a game with RPG puzzles was a good opportunity to learn about variables, switches, scripting, and all that mumbo jumbo that needs to be learned in order to make a good game. So after remembering some of my frustrating gaming experiences with lolo for the NES I decided to make a puzzle adventure game. 

What is the software you are using to create the game?

For the game itself I'm using RPG maker VX ACE. It's simple to use and it gives me the liberty to design the game as I want. For the music I use Pro tools and lots of music loops I bought online and for the images and drawings I use Photoshop CS5. 

Is English your native language?

Nope. My native language is spanish so if I suck in my grammar or spelling don't take it to seriously.

Do you listen to any songs while doing the game?

Yep. I even listen to VGM too!! Go check it out...

When will the posters you mentioned be out for sale?